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We design and manufacture our indoor playground and soft play projects in Turkiye. Therefore our prices are very cost-effective.

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We design indoor playground projects and soft play products in the UK and manufacture them in Turkiye. Therefore, we can provide competitively low-cost offers globally.

At every stage of the process, from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

ISO and EN Standards

As a reputable soft play equipment manufacturer, we adhere strictly to ISO and EN standards, guaranteeing our products meet globally recognized safety and quality benchmarks.

4-6 Weeks Lead Time

As a responsible soft play equipment manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our efficient 4-6 weeks lead time, ensuring our clients receive their high-quality, safe play equipment promptly and reliably.

Design in the UK

As a premier soft play equipment manufacturer, all our innovative and child-friendly designs are conceived and refined right here in the UK, reflecting our commitment to local creativity and quality.

Premium Quality

We are a soft play equipment manufacturer that stands for premium quality, ensuring each piece of our equipment is meticulously crafted for durability, safety, and endless fun.

Low-Cost Offer

As a customer-centric soft play equipment manufacturer, we offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on safety or quality, ensuring all children can enjoy our fantastic play equipment.

Made in Türkiye

As a dedicated soft play equipment manufacturer, we proudly state that all our products are made in Türkiye, combining local craftsmanship with global safety and quality standards.


Amusement and Attractions

Aquatics and Water Parks


Restaurant and Cafes 


Health and Fitness


Meet with one of our experts to discuss your project.


We provide a professional design service with our latest technology software to reflect your imagination.


Our experienced team will do the magic and produce children’s new favourite play area.


We try to install the created project in the shortest time possible at the highest quality.

Recent Projects

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millenium centre3 Home

Millenium Centre – UK

afacan playland10 Home

Afacan Playland – Türkiye

rainbow3 Home

Rainbow City Play Centre UK

Cumbria1 Home

Cumbria Playground Cafe UK

The Gingerbread House2 Home

The Gingerbread House UK

baptist church4 Home

Baptist Church UK

London avacado cafe 2 Home

Avocado Cafe London

Giggles Home

Giggles Baghdad Iraq

loca izmir Home

Loca Cafe İzmir Turkey

monkey jungle Home

Monkey Jungle İzmir Turkey

kale avm Home

Kale Avm Atlantis Fun City İstanbul Turkey

suudi arabia Home

Soft Play Project in Saudi Arabia

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4-6 Weeks Lead Time
ISO and EN Standards
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